3. …and so to the Ghost Story

There is now an amended publication date for Narratives of Enclosure, it will now appear on 30th September.  I don’t think there will be any further re-scheduling. In the meantime I am progressing with the research for what I hope will be my second book.  I have been re-reading the ghost stories of that generation of writers contemporary with and following M […]

2. Apologia pro Narratives of Enclosure…

The research for the book then, is a combination of a lifetime’s reading and exhaustive preparation for my PhD thesis.  The book as it now appears, however, bears little relation to my thesis and has evolved as my interest in the influences on the detective genre has grown. As with everything in detective fiction we […]

1. It’s all Sherlock Holmes’s fault!

This brief introduction to what will be a regular blog is being written with my first book, Narratives of Enclosure, the first full length critique of the locked room mystery, in production, with a date for publication in July. This form of detective fiction has a long history of association with the genre so it surprised me that […]